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  1. Let Me In

From the recording Let Me In

I was in church when the pastor said that God was going to use others to minister to people in the congregation. So, as I played soft music, I was urged in the Spirit to minister to one of the high school students. I saw other ministers go to people all around that young man and I thought surely someone will minister to him. They literally went to people on either side of him and said not one word to him.
I heard the Spirit say "you're going to minister to him". So, I said tell me what to say. Then these words came to me. I got the young man's attention and he came to see what I wanted. I ministered these words to him and he gave his life to Christ.


Let Me In
Written by Yolanda Loving (BMI)
Music by Yolanda Loving (BMI and A. Reginald Litman (BMI)

Verse: Come my love let’s have a little talk.
I’m begging you for just a closer walk.
Make me more than just an afterthought.
Let me handle the issues of your heart.

Chorus: You know I’m willing to be all you need
And able if you will just believe.

Verse: I already know about your past (I already know)
Seen your world turning round so very fast.
All your burdens on me you can cast.
‘cause my love for you just lasts and lasts and lasts

Repeat Chorus

Verse: You’re tired of the same old song and dance.
Let me help you see through your circumstance.
Now’s the time to explore a new plan.
Child I can take you to the promised land.

Bridge: (Let me in)
I’m standing at your door.
(Let me in)
begging you for more.
(Let me in)
I want to fill your void
(Let me in)
but you gotta say “yes Lord”.
(Let me in)
Come in Lord, come in. Come on ,come on, come on, come on in.
(Let me in)

Repeat Chorus

Verse: Are you ready to let me come in ?
(Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?)
I just want to be your closest friend.
I am with you until the very end.
So why don’t you let me, let me in?
So why won’t you let me, let me in?
So why don’t you let me, let me in?