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Living My Life to Worship You

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Living My Life To Worship You
Lyrics by Yolanda Loving(BMI)
Music by Yolanda Loving (BMI) and A. Reginald Litman (BMI)

Verse: Lord you are worthy of all my praise.
I’m gonna serve you all my days.
You are the reason I hold on.
When I am weak Lord you are strong.

Chorus: I’m living my life to worship you.
I’m living my life to worship you.

Verse: No one can love me like you do.
Through all my faults your love stands true.
Nothing can match the joy you bring.
‘Cause of your mercy I can sing.


Verse: True to Your promises, trusted friend,
Quenching my soul's deepest thirst within.
Majesty, glory, and honor bring
Shouts of thanksgiving to You my king


Bridge 1: How can I pay You, for all You have done?
Your undying favor out shines the sun.
You never gave up, now I can go on!


Bridge: If it won’t please you, I’m laying it down.
I don’t wanna leave you and this love I found.
If it will grieve you I’ll turn around.


Vamp: To worship you
To worship you
The way I live
The why I give
The words I say
When I kneel to pray
I wanna worship you
I just wanna wanna worship you

I’m living my life to worship you.